Insights to improving the patient journey

The link between health literacy and patient education

It’s a common complaint throughout healthcare: there just isn’t enough time to really communicate with patients to understand their unique situations...

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A deeper look at clinicians’ perception of healthcare in rural America

New research finds that rural healthcare professionals’ top concern is quality of care. 

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What inflation means for healthcare systems and how to combat against narrowing margins

The rate of inflation surged to 9.1% from 8.6% last month and 5.04% last year.  This is the highest since December ‘81 and compared to the market...

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Patient Engagement Just Got Smarter and More Personalized, WebMD Acquires Mercury Healthcare

If you’re a health system leader aspiring to transform patient interactions into a modern consumer brand experience, today’s a good day. I’m excited...

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One from the heart: how a partnership with Krames helped the Association of Black Cardiologists promote eating for the heart—and soul

The Association of Black Cardiologists is the premier organization dedicated to one mission: promote the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular...

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The role of health content and delivery in supporting improved health plan HEDIS results

The Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) is the most important tool health plans use for measuring clinical performance and plan...

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From health plan performance data to supporting individual members: Krames partnerships can help raise HEDIS scores and member satisfaction

About 191 million individuals are enrolled in health plans that use the Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) as their most...

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Partnering for and advancing member-centric care management for health plans: VirtualHealth, WebMD Provider Services, and Krames

Health plans have a new and advanced option for their care management teams coaching high and rising risk members. VirtualHealth, the...

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Redox Podcast: Ann Bilyew on Why Scale Matters in a Shifting Market

Ann Bilyew, SVP of Health at Internet Brands and Group GM of WebMD Provider Services sits down with Niko Skievanski of Redox to discuss emerging...

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WebMD Named a Top Website for Finding Providers

Today, over 65 percent of consumers use online search engines to find a new healthcare provider, according to a December Press Ganey research report.1

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