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WebMD Provider Services partners with patient communications leader Artera to improve access and engagement for patient education and medication affordability programs

WebMD Provider Services today announced a partnership with SaaS patient communications leader Artera™ (formerly WELL Health) to improve access and...

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WebMD TV delivers reliable healthcare information to patients and caregivers on the world’s most universal platform—TV.


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New research explores the changing landscape of elective procedure care

While the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are still ongoing, we’re now developing a clearer picture of the challenges faced in certain areas of our...

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WebMD Provider Services adds clinical support tool to its offering

Busy healthcare professionals now have a better way to access the latest clinical information at important decision points. WebMD Provider Services...

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The link between health literacy and patient education

It’s a common complaint throughout healthcare: there just isn’t enough time to really communicate with patients to understand their unique situations...

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A deeper look at clinicians’ perception of healthcare in rural America

New research finds that rural healthcare professionals’ top concern is quality of care. 

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What inflation means for healthcare systems and how to combat against narrowing margins

The rate of inflation surged to 9.1% from 8.6% last month and 5.04% last year.  This is the highest since December ‘81 and compared to the market...

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Patient Engagement Just Got Smarter and More Personalized, WebMD Acquires Mercury Healthcare

If you’re a health system leader aspiring to transform patient interactions into a modern consumer brand experience, today’s a good day. I’m excited...

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One from the heart: how a partnership with Krames helped the Association of Black Cardiologists promote eating for the heart—and soul

The Association of Black Cardiologists is the premier organization dedicated to one mission: promote the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular...

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