Holistic engagement for hospital TV audiences is finally here.
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Now you can improve the hospital TV experience for your patients and visitors with an engaging, modern, and connected TV platform—WebMD TV.

With WebMD TV you can provide a supercharged channel experience at the bedside and in waiting rooms by offering thousands of videos, custom messaging, personalization features and multiple points of activation to connect your patients to services across your institution.

WebMD TV is part of a powerful suite of services already trusted by major medical centers across North America and will help you achieve.
  • Better patient outcomes
  • Sustained improvements in brand reputation
  • Measurable gains in market share
  • Increased revenue



WebMD TV, The Next Step To Better Health

WebMD TV delivers reliable healthcare information to patients and caregivers throughout your facility on the world’s most universal platform—TV.

TV means connection. People rely on TV for news, information, entertainment, and the comfort of shared experience. Medical facilities rely on WebMD TV to reinforce their clinical initiatives, experience, and marketing goals. Powered by WebMD—the most trusted brand in consumer healthcare and news—WebMD TV also helps people stay connected with health information accessible through their own devices–the tablets, phones, and laptops that accompany almost every patient and visitor. WebMD TV enhances the TV-to-device connection by enabling the scanning of QR codes for deeper dives into the information that YOU want patients and visitors to see.

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Channel Viewer Survey Results


plan to take active steps toward better health


felt they learned about their health


said they have an improved opinion of hospitals based on channel viewing

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WebMD TV showcases your brand with customized content

With WebMD TV, you can take greater curatorial control over the information people see and customize it with your own institutional branding. Your branded WebMD TV Channel will delight and entertain while blocking competitor ads or affiliating your brand with dramatic or controversial programming. WebMD TV reinforces the message that you have the resources your patients and visitors can count on–and that your administrators, marketers, and practitioners can trust.

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