Our Competitive Advantage

  • Hospitals pay to subscribe to our solutions.
  • HCPs depend on our solutions to educate patients in order to meet regulatory education requirements and drive positive health outcomes.
  • Marketers benefit from our unique hospital relationships and extensive patient reach.

Media Touchpoints

WebMD Provider Services provides your brand with a delivery platform that allows you to reach your in-hospital audience in the most effective, streamlined way. As the largest patient education network in the country, we offer over 11,000 educational videos and printable resources which cover 25 therapeutic areas. Our award-winning patient education libraries are accessible 24/7 with language that is easy for patients to understand and relate to.

Contextual Advertising

Hospital TV Advertising

Advertised on over 250K screens, our in-room patient TVs offer 24/7 patient education programming. HCPs can recommend programs to patients that are specific to their current condition or situation.


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Digital Advertising

It’s no secret that the future is digital. Our digital strategy offers an innovative, widespread reach through a variety of digital touch-points. Our Digital Topic Center, branded digital ads, pre-roll video ads, and surveys are just a few of the focused, targeted digital solutions you can utilize to reach — and educate — your audience.

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Print Advertising

Our print media touch-points offer a valuable opportunity to engage with patients and hospital staff. Patients are overwhelmed in hospital settings — offering physical, printed materials that inform, enhance health literacy, and provide helpful guidance during a time they need it most is an invaluable way to build trust and engagement.

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Our Promise


Proof of Performance

Our results speak for themselves. At WebMD Provider Services, we pride ourselves on our hospital-level activity reports, third-party verified impression model, and third-party measurement NPI script lift studies.



Verification, validation, and transparency are critical components of our industry. We are partnered with the Point Of Care Marketing Association and the Alliance for Audited Media to provide verification on the hospital level, ensuring transparency, trust, and quality above the industry standards.

Benefits: Why It Works


Capture Patients' Attention

Patients experiencing hospital stays have often just had a major, oftentimes traumatic, life event. This is a pivotal moment when patients are more receptive to information that can help improve their health outcomes — opening the door to engage and directly catch their attention with limited distractions.


Hospitals Subscribe to Education and Engagement Solutions

WebMD Provider Services serves the education and engagement solutions needs of over half of all US hospitals. Since hospitals subscribe to the solutions, clinicians are invested and integrate them into their workflows.

Directly engage patients while they’re in the hospital through Our expansive reach. We reach over 12 million hospital patients and caregivers annually and offer access to over 500,000 healthcare professionals in our 2,000 hospitals.


Timely Messages

Our hospital POC advertising allows you to share timely messages with patients — right when they need them most.


Unique Access

WebMD Provider Services offers unique access to our expansive patient and caregiver in-hospital reach, the largest patient education network, and the ability to target your audience by life stage or health condition.


Custom Targeting Capabilities

Our platform can help you target by specialty, increasing the effectiveness of your point-of-care marketing strategy by reaching the right patients with the most appropriate messaging.



Hospitals are an environment built on confidence and trust, where patients feel safe and are more receptive to health-related information. The credibility that a hospital offers allows your messaging to make a lasting, valued impact on the patient.


Top-of-Mind & High Impact

When a patient sees a targeted point-of-care advertisement, they are more likely to bring it up to their physician when they see them. In a hospital, that next step is nearly immediate.


Extended Reach

Hospital point-of-care advertising is not limited to direct-to-consumer (DTC) strategies. Reach providers in nurses’ stations and staff lounges with our back-office media solutions.

Ready to connect to patients with POC advertising?