Hospital Point-of-Care Advertising: Print


WebMD Proiver Services breathes new life into the print marketing channel, reaching patients when and where they need it most.
Searching for answers in a hospital is a stressful experience. But when care providers recommend relevant content, that stress becomes a manageable plan of action. Learning from trusted resources engages patients in the decision-making process and leads to positive health outcomes.

Benefits of Leveraging Print Advertising in Hospitals

Patients forget up to 80% of what their doctors tell them during appointments, making printed advertising a highly effective and useful strategy. Patients take printed material with them after they are discharged, allowing them to reference and review on their own time.

Hospital print is effective. According to Channels of Wisdom for Point of Care:


of patients recall receiving print resources


of patients heavily used TV channel guides


of patients recalled health-related ads

Print Solutions


Bedside Print Solutions

  • Condition-Specific Patient Guides
  • Channel Guide Printed Ad Opportunity
  • Bookmarks, Posters, Table Tents
  • Distribution of Brand Provided Print

Hospital Common Area Print Solutions

  • Posters
  • Brochures
  • Booklets
  • Table Tents

Patient Activation Discharge Kits

  • Printed patient material such as checklists and bookmarks handed out to patients by HCPs as part of patients’ discharge education
  • Includes specific print to guide patient recovery, patient checklists, and bookmarks

Back “Office” Media — HCP-Facing

  • Print material such as posters and table tents displayed in the nurses’ station and staff lounges



Partners and Thought Leaders

WebMD Provider Services is dedicated to working with partners who help support our delivery of health education resources to patients and facility staff. We proudly work with:

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality-2

Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality

Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality has supplied both PSAs and longer form educational programs aimed at supporting patient safety and advocacy.

Association of Diabetes

Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists

Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists co-produced a series of educational videos tied to the AADE7 Self-Care Behaviors.

American Heart Association-1

Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists

The American Heart Association is a premier partner of The Wellness Network. Experts from AHA co-produce content in our Cardiology Library and co-created the HeartCare Channel.

American College of Physicians

American College of Physicians

American College of Physicians has provided over 20 videos aimed at encouraging patient-provider communications and condition understanding and management to be part of our HealthClips library.

American Lung Association

American Lung

The American Lung Association’s videos on asthma, COPD, lung cancer screening, and prevention, are assets in our Oncology and Pulmonology Libraries.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide valuable assets on disease control and prevention including sepsis, hepatitis C, antibiotic resistance, and zika.

March of Dimes

March of Dimes

Over 40 March of Dimes assets are available within the Neonatal HealthClips library.

NICU parent network

NICU Parent Network

NICU Parent Network member resources are showcased in our Neonatal and Your NICU Baby libraries.

The Joint Commission

The Joint Commission

To support compliance reporting, all our resources are reviewed by the Joint Commission to clearly state which standards and elements of performance.

Other Hospital Point-of-Care Media Touchpoints

Digital Advertising

Deliver the right message at the right time in a patient’s journey and vastly grow your audience reach through our hospital POC digital solutions.

Hospital TV Advertising

Our TV solutions can help you reach your target audience and educate them on critical topics during their care journey.

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