Introducing WebMD Provider Services

October 21, 2021 | WebMD

Hi there and welcome! WebMD is pleased to announce the launch of a new division that is solely focused on helping health care organizations build deeper, more enduring relationships with consumers. The new division, called WebMD Provider Services, will be a strategic partner to health systems and payers—drawing on years of experience understanding the patient's journey from discovery to recovery.


Power to the patient

While the COVID-19 pandemic stretched hospitals and health systems to the breaking point, it also demonstrated the resilience and innovation of organizations to deliver care in a fast-paced environment. For decades, we've seen the industry slowly shifting towards more patient-centric experiences—but COVID forced providers to adopt more patient-friendly models, accelerating the consumerization of health care (meaning patients are consumers who have choices in their treatment). Some of their common expectations that are worth mentioning:

  • 81% of consumers state that shopping for health care should be as easy as shopping for other services
  • 79% of consumer provider loyalty is driven by the patient experience versus personal relationship with their provider
  • 53% of consumers said they avoid care because they of not knowing how much it will cost
  • 37% of consumers report using the internet or their smartphone apps to comparison shop for care

While some organizations are in-front of the consumerism wave, many are struggling to keep up. Health systems have been plugging holes in the patient journey with point-solutions that fragment the patient experience. This approach isn’t working. In fact, 62% of consumers said the health care system feels like it’s designed to be confusing. This experience is leading to consumers who are unsure and mistrustful, none of which are good for health care providers or the patient.


Putting the patient at the center of health care

Patients are demanding that health care be built around them, and health care providers that reorganize around the patient will win the future. Accomplishing this transformation is no small feat. Health systems need to develop relationships with consumers for life and ensure that their brand is not an abstract idea. We found that 63% of consumers choose a health system for care based on experience and brand reputation. The health system brand is strongly influenced by the patient experience they deliver, and everyone in the organization is responsible for it. 

More than anything, patient-centricity requires breaking down the barriers between marketing, clinical care and patient experience. This enables health care providers to build a seamless, enduring relationship with consumers by delivering a unified engagement experience for patients across their entire health journey.


Helping you put the patient first

Through the combined strengths of our portfolio of brands—Medscape, Krames, PulsePoint, Vitals, and The Wellness Network—WebMD Provider Services is here to help you thrive in a patient-centered health care market. We’re deeply committed to enabling providers and payers to deliver personalized care by activating, educating and motivating consumers to health everyday. We will be your strategic partner, combining our unique capabilities and industry expertise to better engage patients at every step of their health journey. The result is stronger patient & member outcomes, sustained improvements in brand reputation, measurable gains in market share and increased revenue.

We look forward to partnering with you. 




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